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DVD: Last Fort to Fall: The Battle of West Point. 
Historical photographs, maps and artistic renderings are combined with live-action reenactments to tell the story of the April 16, 1865, Civil War Battle of West Point, Georgia.  Col. Oscar LaGrange led his 3,700 seasoned U.S. Cavalry troops against a hilltop redoubt defended by General Robert C. Tyler and his small garrison, townspeople volunteers, and hospital convalescents.  Running length 24 minutes, plus commentary. Produced by Doug Roberts, VISUALvoice, copyright 2010.




Historical Postcard Collection:  Fort Tyler and the Battle of West Point. 
(CVHS, 2015)  A collection of six reproduced images relating to the Battle of West Point and Fort Tyler.  Includes photographs, artistic renderings, and official map of West Point’s defense works in 1865.


Historical Postcard Collection: Textile Heritage of the Chattahoochee Valley, Early Mills in Valley and Lanett, Alabama (CVHS, 2016) A collection of six reproduced images relating to the founding and development of Chattahoochee Manufacturing Company and Alabama-Georgia Manufacturing Company, forerunners of West Point Manufacturing Company. Includes images of early Lanett Mills, Shawmut Mill, and Fairfax Mill, historic photographs, and artistic renderings.





Antioch Baptist Church.  Transcription of records of this early Chambers County church in Lafayette, Alabama.  Records date from 1835 – 1912.  Glenda Brack, editor.  Copyright 2003.  CVHS Publication No. 23.






The Battle of West Point: April 16, 1865. 
Includes eyewitness accounts of the battle, essays, anniversary commemorations, photographs, archaeology, and rebuilding of the fort. Eleanor D. Scott and Carl Summers, Jr., editors. Copyright 1997.  CVHS Publication No. 20.





Chambers County Courthouse, 1899: Historical Cornerstone Artifacts.  Features artifacts removed in 2003 from time capsule placed behind the Masonic Cornerstone on the N.E. corner of the present Courthouse and sealed on June 24, 1899. Biographical sketches of individuals who placed items inside have been included in the book where information was available. Don Clark, Leita Day, Nina Langley, and Virginia Weldon, editors.  Copyright 2004.  CVHS Publication No. 25.






Chronicles of the Chattahoochee Valley
.  A compilation of thirteen historical articles and essays on the region.  189 pages.  Copyright 1995.  CVHS Publication No. 18.






Images of America:  Chambers County.  An extensive collection of historic photographs representing late 19th and early 20th century people and places in Chambers County, Alabama.  Don Clark and Dr. Horace M. Holderfield, editors. Published by Arcadia.  Copyright 2010, shared by CVHS and Chambers County Museum.






Memories of the Great Depression.   A collection of 65 essays, including “humorous anecdotes and poignant stories mixed with a generous dose of philosophy”. 136 pages.  Randall Allen, editor.  Copyright 1993.  CVHS Publication No. 17. 






Pinewood Cemetery: West Point, Georgia.  Listing of interments by lots.  Includes interesting genealogical information on many of those buried there. Stephen Johnson and Virginia Weldon, editors. Copyright 2012. CVHS Publication No. 13 (Revised Edition).




  Proudest Inheritance: A Bicentennial Tribute of the Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society. 
Information taken from records of the Chattahoochee Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, organized in West Point, Georgia, on November 7, 1917, and disbanded December 20, 1933.  Also includes text of Captain J.W.F. Little’s historic address at West Point on July 4, 1876.  William H. Davidson, editor.  Copyright 1975.  CVHS Publication No.12.




A Survey of Cemeteries in Chambers County, Alabama
.  Includes early church and family cemeteries in the county.  This listing includes inscriptions from the oldest gravestones through those of persons born during the year 1885, with a few exceptions in family cemeteries.  Copyright 1983.  3rd printing 1999.  CVHS Publication No. 14 – Vol. II.



War Was the Place: A Centennial Collection of Confederate Soldier Letters/ Old Oakbowery. 
Letters from C.S.A. soldiers written home to families in Troup and Harris Counties in Georgia, and Chambers County, Alabama.  Also includes articles on the antebellum settlement of Oakbowery in Chambers County, Alabama. William H. Davidson, editor.  Copyright 1961.  3rd printing 2001.  CVHS Publication No. 5.



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